Kiki's Place


At Kiki’s Place, we have 12 rooms in total each one offering different views, location and set up.

Are you travelling with one partner? Then look to rooms 5, 6 & 9!

Are you a couple travelling with one child? Then look to rooms 4 & 10!

If you are a family of four, you have many options:

  • If you want a spacious studio but not separate rooms, then look at rooms 2 & 8.  They are both very different!
  • If you would like to separate bedrooms with a common kitchen, look at rooms 1, 11 & 12.

For a family of five people, room 7 is your best fit!

If you are 5 or more people, our luxury apartment is everything you need! Check out room 3.

Take your time to look at the photos, the location of the room (ground or upper level, garden or sea view). Let us know your interests, and I will send you a suitable offer.